“Stories are meant to be told yet I believe it is our individual understanding of those stories that motivates culture”.


Adrienne Ivy is a visionary fine artist who harnesses the power of photography to influence thought beyond presentation. She enjoys delving deep into the realms of introspection and emotion. Her rule-bending style defies conventions, blurring the lines between reality and imagination, inviting viewers to explore wider interpretations.

Originally from New Jersey, Ivy's journey has been shaped by the quest for identity amidst complex societal norms. This journey has instilled in her a profound humility and a unique perspective on the world. While not claiming the label of activist, Ivy embraces "active-vision" as her mode of engagement, advocating for personal perspectives shaped by diverse experiences rather than rigid ideologies.

Having honed her craft through formal studies in photography at Long Beach City College and exploring various artistic mediums at Seton Hall University, Ivy's artistic evolution continues to unfold. She is currently immersed in exploring the interplay between perception and reality, incorporating reflective and translucent materials into her creations. Her ongoing commitment to inclusivity shines in her choice of using recycled objects, emphasizing her belief that art should not be confined by high costs but rather be an accessible means of expression for everyone.

Through her work, Ivy aspires to spark introspection and foster social change, encouraging meaningful dialogue beyond the confines of traditional boundaries. Her pieces hold profound personal significance while also serving as catalysts for broader conversations and insights. Based in Long Beach, Adrienne Ivy invites everyone to partake in the transformative power of creativity. Her work can be seen online, at exhibitions, and is available for purchase via private sale.

professional experience

Resident Photographer

Xela Institute of Art - current

Visual Director

Pinecone Row - Former


LOVE What a Wonderful World!

Munzón Gallery: March 25th - April 5th, 2023

The Mind Weaves

The Webs We Need

Experimental & New Media Photography Exhibition; Curated by Brian Doan

Icehouse Arts Complex: December 11th - 16th, 2022